How does File ingestion in Vault work using Collections

UPDATED: January 22, 2018

Input files to be ingested in Vault using 'Collection' includes JRN (journal) file containing index information in predefined format. For more information, refer 'Collection' section in Vault customization guide.
Sample documents attached, can be used to understand the ingestion using 'Collection'.
Follow these steps to ingest the documents:
  1. Take back-up of Vault\server\profile.ini & database.ini. Copy & replace profile and database ini’s in the Vault\server directory. Restart Vault loader & Server services.
  2. Create a directory by the name 'Collect' (should be same as profile name in profile.ini) inside the server\download and copy JRN & JPG's in the 'Collect' directory. JRN contains file name and other index related information.
  3. Once JRN & JPG's are copied, copy the ready file in the 'Collect' directory (ready file is a text file with some content saved with a .ready extension). 'Ready' file tells e2loaderd that the files in 'collect' directory are ready to load.
  4. After few seconds, ready file will be renamed as loading, 'Collect' directory will be deleted.
  5. Once this is done, corresponding '.drd' and '.drp' will be created in 'docdata' and 'pagedata' directories.
To retrieve ingested documents:
Document can be downloaded using Java & Perl sample explained in Vault customization guide

Please note, that when ingesting collections, the accompanying journal counts as a page in the overall page count for the job loaded.

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