How to generate "Split" PDF in EngageOne

Product Feature: Printing-General Output
As EngageOne does not support the "Split" setting for PDF devices, the following can be used to produce PDFs containing a single publication/document.
  1. Import a PDF device set to "Merged" or "Compound"
  2. In the delivery channel create a File Name that will be unique to a given document within a batch by using an Output Variable(s) (as per the attached screenshot)
    1. These can be created from Publication Data Fields within EngageOne under "Delivery Management > Output Variables" or within the Publication in Designer
  3. In the delivery channel set the "File Partition Number" to 1 - this will ensure that a single PDF contains 1 document
Note: Setting the file partition number to 1 can have a negative effect on performance.
One alternative suggestion is to create a "Merged" or "Compound" PDF and split the file by using doc1dime, or another PDF splitting tool.
UPDATED:  April 10, 2017