How to understand different Work Item status values in EngageOne

Product Feature: Interactive Correspondent
Clarification of the difference between:
Active – Incomplete
Active – Complete

"Complete" denotes that all "required" fields in the the template have been filled out "Required" fields are all the fields which are present in the template, and which are mapped to interactive data elements which are "required".

A field is considered required if the "Mandatory" checkbox has been marked in the Interactive Data Editor in Designer:

There are 2 parts of the EngageOne server which are relevant here:
1. The EO Editor service in Correspondent which gets the state of the document from the Active-X Editor. The Active-X editor is the part which makes the determination on whether the fields were filled out. Correspondent then sets the work item state to "complete" or "incomplete" respectively.
2.The "Submit" function in Correspondent which is only offered when a work item is marked as complete.

UPDATED:  November 1, 2017