Performing rate updates on the mailstation series (K700, K705, K7M0)

UPDATED: October 25, 2018


Note: Some screens may vary, depending on the software version your meter uses.

USPS Rate Update Instructions:
  1. Make sure that your system is connected to PC Meter Connect, a communication device, or a SmartLink™ in order to communicate with the Pitney Bowes Data Center. If you have not yet connected your system, see the mailstation/mailstation2 Install Guide or the Connecting Your Product page.
  2. Press Menu.
  3. Press Review (up) until the meter says Connect to Pitney Bowes?
  4. Press Enter/Yes.
  5. When prompted to perform an update, press Enter/Yes.
Warning: Do not unplug the power cord or remove the network cords from the meter while updating. This can cause damage to the meter. However, if the meter has been unresponsive for more than 15 minutes, disconnect the power cord, wait one minute, plug it back in, and restart the update process.
  1. When the meter says Download Complete, press Enter/Yes.
  2. Press Enter/Yes.
  3. When prompted to print the download report, select No.
  4. Press Enter/Yes.
  5. When prompted for the rates reminder, select No.
  6. Verify the update was installed successfully by using the Confirm Update tool - click on the blue button for your meter:
Confirmation button
   mailstation (K700, K705)
Confirmation button
   mailstation2 (K7M0)

Once you update your meter, you are done. Note: If your meter gets updated before the effective date, it automatically switches to the new rates ON the effective date.

If you experience any problems or errors, see the troubleshooting articles for help with common issues.

Environment Details

Products affected: mailstation™ (K700, K705), mailstation2™ (K7M0)


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