Mailing the entire MailStream Plus job at the single piece rate

Product Affected:  MailStream Plus™
Here is how to mail the entire MailStream Plus job at the single piece rate even if there are over 500 pieces.
The file has 5001 pieces.
But the rates are showing as Presorted and Automation rates.
Is there a way to force only the Single Piece Rate?  Yes, there is.

The default for First-Class is 500 for each presort group.
As shown on the Interpretation of Parameters in the rpt output file -
Minimum Count for Presorted Mailing                              500 Pieces                                             ML MIN

You can use ML MIN and in position 14 - 18 put a value larger than the number of records to override this.
Since the job has over 5000 pieces, put 06000 in the ML MIN position 14 - 18.

ML MIN       06000 

Interpretation of Parameters now shows -
Minimum Count for Presorted Mailing                             6000 Pieces                                             ML MIN

**Note: editing the values on the ML MIN parameter can result in mailings going against the USPS rules.
Please check with the DMM rules or your USPS postal rep before making any changes to this parameter.

UPDATED:  May 20, 2019