How to pay your Purchase Power statement

UPDATED: July 11, 2017

Your statements are mailed monthly. Because Purchase Power® is a line of credit, we cannot accept credit cards for payment. You can make a payment using one of the following:
  • Online - Sign in to your online account
  • Mailed Check - The correct payee name and address will appear on your statement payment coupons. Please include the coupon along with your payment.
  • Bank Account Transfer - If you need additional help sending or formatting electronic payments, contact your financial institution.
  • Pay by Phone - Payments can be made using your checking account via our automated phone system: 800.243.7800. Please have your account number available.

You must create a profile before you can make online payments. Then, add your accounts to your profile, and manage your payments online.

For current Purchase Power® statement(s), click directly on this button here to go to My Bills:

Sign In button
  1. Open statements can be accessed on the My Bills page on the Purchase Power tab.
  2. Select the checkbox next to the statement(s) you wish to pay, then select the Make Payment button.
  3. Enter the amount to pay and the date the payment should be withdrawn. Note: Please allow up to 2 business days for your online payment to process.
  4. Choose the payment method from the Pay using menu:
  • Choose your existing account, or
  • Select the radio button to enter a new bank account to make payments.
Note: You can manage your payment methods anytime by signing in and updating your Pay Wallet.
  1. Finish entering your payment information, then select Continue.
  2. Select Confirm to finalize your payment. You will receive an email to confirm your payment.
To view when your payment will be posted, see Payment Posting Time Frames.

Mailed Check
Make checks payable to: Pitney Bowes Purchase Power
Standard Mail
Purchase Power
PO Box 371874
Pittsburgh, PA 15250-7874

Overnight Mail
Purchase Power 
Attn: Box 371874
500 Ross Street Suite 154-0470
Pittsburgh, PA 15262-0001

Bank Account Transfer - ACH Instructions
Purchase Power® / EasyPermitPostage® / PB ShipStream™ Manager / Business Line of Credit
  • Federal ID Number:  84-1386389 (Taxpayer ID#)
  • Bank Name:  BNY Mellon
  • Beneficiary Account Name: The Pitney Bowes Bank Inc. – Purchase Power
  • Bank Routing Number: 043 000 261
  • Bank Account Number: 000-1250933
  • Formatting Types: CTX , CCD, or CCD+
NOTE:  We do not accept format types PPD or PPD+.

Your Pitney Bowes account number is REQUIRED.  

Commercial Payments
Please use Addenda fields to include your 16-digit Purchase Power account number in a valid ANSI X12 format.

Home Banking Payments
Remember: Include your 16-digit Purchase Power Account Number when you set up Pitney Bowes as one of your billers.

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Clients paying a Purchase Power statement.


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