How to replace the print head on the mailstation or mailstation2

UPDATED : April 07, 2016

Watch this video to learn how to replace the print head on your mailstation™ and mailstation2™.

IMPORTANT: This procedure should only be done under the direction of or with the permission of a Pitney Bowes representative.

Follow these steps to replace the print head:
  1. Press Menu
  2. Scroll and select Use ink functions?
  3. Press Enter/Yes
  4. Scroll and select Install new print head?
  5. Press Enter/Yes
  6. Open the top cover
  7. Press the unlock symbol to open the ink cartridge cover
  8. Remove the ink cartridge by angling it out while lifting. The ink cartridge may leak from the bottom, so be sure to place it on a napkin.
  9. Press together the two small tabs at the bottom of the ink cartridge holder. Swing the holder upward and back.
    Caution: Do not touch the bottom of the print head.
  10. Remove the old print head by lifting one of the black tabs and pulling the print head out. DO NOT DISCARD.
  11. Place the old print head on a napkin
  12. Remove protective parts from the new print head by squeezing the yellow tabs on the white print head holder. Keep this part to re-package the old print head, which you will return to Pitney Bowes. Note: Remember to use the kit provided to return this equipment.
  13. Remove the yellow piece by pulling it to one side. Keep this part to re-package the old print head for return to Pitney Bowes.
  14. Slide the new print head into place by angling it back
  15. Swing down the print head guard until it clicks in place
  16. Install the ink cartridge that arrived with your print head
  17. Swing down the ink cartridge latch, and then press down on the green circle to close it.
  18. Close the machine cover
  19. Press Enter/Yes
  20. When the message IMPORTANT -- is print head/ink installed? displays, press Enter/Yes. Your system will go through the process to install ink into the new print head. This will take 2-3 minutes.
  21. Insert your tape sheet or envelope to print a test pattern:
  • If the print test is good, press Enter/Yes
  • If the print test is poor, press No to perform additional maintenance
  1. Place the old print head into the yellow and white protection parts and return to Pitney Bowes

Environment Details

Products affected: mailstation™ and mailstation2™


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