Creating a preset on the mailstation Series

Products affected: mailstation™, mailstation2™

To create a new preset:
  1. Select all of the settings that you wish to save as part of your preset (the postage class, destination, envelope ad, inscription, etc.), as though you were going to print an envelope with those settings.
  2. Press Menu once you select all of your desired settings.
  3. Press Review (down arrow) until Change setup? displays and then Press Enter/Yes.
  4. Press Review (down) until Use preset setup? displays and then Press Enter/Yes.
  5. Press No when View stored preset? displays.
  6. Press Enter/Yes when Store new preset? displays.
  7. When Review settings to be stored? displays, select one of the following options:
  • Select Enter/Yes to review or change the settings you selected in Step 1.
  • Select No if you do not wish to review your settings.
  1. Press Enter/Yes to confirm the storing of the new preset.
  2. Press No when View new preset? displays.
  3. Press No when Stay in setup? displays. The meter returns to the Home screen.
UPDATED:  March 28, 2019