How to indicate in the Mail.dat files the permit number, associated ZIP Code, and publication number in MailStream Plus

Product affected: MailStream Plus™, all versions, all platforms
Mail.dat Field Code MPA-1103 is for the Permit number
Mail.dat Field Code MPA-1106 is for the 9-digit Permit ZIP/ZIP+4
In a Permit mailing, xx INF subkeyword PMTPM# is used to populate the permit number, and subkeyword MDMFPZ populates the Permit ZIP/ZIP+4.

Mail.dat Field Code MPA-1102 is for the USPS Publication Number, used for Periodicals mailings.
For a Periodicals mailing, subkeyword PUBLNR is used to populate MPA-1102 with the USPS Publication number, and subkeyword MDMFPZ is used for the associated ZIP/ZIP+4.

When using Metered or Precanceled Stamps to affix postage for a non-Periodicals mailings (including Periodicals Pending), there may be additional postage required.  PostalOne! may require the Mail.dat files to indicate a Permit Number and the associated ZIP/ZIP+4 to be used for any additional postage.
For this type of mailing, subkeyword PMTPMA is used to populate the Permit number for additional postage, and subkeyword MDPMZA is used for the ZIP/ZIP+4 for additional postage.

For further information on using xx INF parameters, and the subkeywords mentioned, please refer to the MailStream Plus™ Guide for the software version being used.
UPDATED:  May 23, 2019