How to add OS map tiles to Confirm map workspace

Product Feature: Mapping
  1. Locate the source folder of OS map tiles required to be added to the Map Workspace.
  2. Open MapInfo Pro and go to the 'Tools' menu. 
  3. Select 'Seamless Manager' then 'New Seamless Table' and follow the steps to create a new seamless table using all the required source .tab OS files.
  4. A Seamless layer 'stitches' all the separate OS .tab files together and allows this 'stitched' layer to be accessed using one single table, rather than opening all the source tables.
  5. Once the seamless layer is created make a note of the name you have given it, and its location. 
  6. Open Confirm and then add the seamless layer (as noted above) to the Confirm map workspace required.
  7. This will now display all the OS map tiles as a single layer.

UPDATED:  May 9, 2017