How to view and print a copy of your invoice

UPDATED: April 13, 2017

You can view or print a copy of your invoice from your Pitney Bowes account.

You access current and prior invoices in different locations, so be sure to click the correct Sign In Here button. The button helps you sign in and takes you directly to the invoices you are looking for. You can view, print or download your invoice.
  1. Choose the type of lease, rental, or supply invoice you are looking for:
  • For current invoice(s), click directly on this button here to go to My Bills:
sign in button
  • For prior invoice(s), click directly on this button here to go to Bills History:
sign in button

TIP: If you do not have a profile, you must first create one, and add your accounts. You can read the instructions for creating a profile at: How to sign up for a account.
  1. Select your invoice from the list.
You can find your current invoices under My Bills and your prior invoices under Bills History.
check checkbox to select invoice
  1. Choose to download or view your invoice.
  • Select Download to get a CSV or PDF version of your official invoice. You can select multiple invoices to download. 
  • Select View/Print PDF to view your invoice in a new window and print it.


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