Paying invoices and statements online

UPDATED: January 5, 2018

You can make payments online using your account.

IMPORTANT: Payments made online or by phone take up to 2 business days to process. If paying by check, please allow 7-10 days for mail and processing time. 
  1. Find the invoice or statement you wish to pay:
  • For current invoice(s), click directly on this button here to sign in and go directly to My Bills:
sign in button
  • For current Purchase Power® statement(s), click directly on this button here to to sign in and go directly to My Bills:
sign in button
TIP: You must first create a profile and add your accounts before you can access online billing.
  1. Your current, open invoices and statements are accessed on the My Bills page. Your invoices are listed on the blue tab labeled 'Invoices'; your Purchase Power statements are listed on the blue tab labeled 'Purchase Power'. Select the checkbox next to the statement(s) or invoice(s) you wish to pay.
Make Payment
  1. Select the Make Payment button.
  2. Enter the amount to pay in the Payment Amount field.
Note: In some cases you will not be given the option to change the payment amount; the field will be populated with the full amount due.
  1. Under Pay using, choose the payment method.
  • If a payment method shows in this field and does not give you the option to change it, that means that you only have one payment method set up. If no payment method is available, then you need to add payment information:
    • To pay using a bank account, select Use new bank account. Enter the requested details, then select Save.
    • To add a credit card, select Use new credit card. Enter the requested details, then select Save.
    • You can add multiple payment methods to your account, and choose how to pay different invoices. Update your Pay Wallet to add a new credit card or bank account.
Note: Some statements, such as Purchase Power, are only payable by bank account.
  1. The Pay on the field defaults to the current date. Use the calendar icon to select the date you wish to have payment taken from your account. TIP: Set your payment date at least two business days before your due date to avoid late payment fees.
  2. Finish entering your payment information, then select Continue.
  3. Select Confirm Payment to complete your payment. Your payment will post to your account within 2 business days.
Note: Lease payments made offline will show as paid online only after the due date on the invoice. If you have a rental meter, you may see postage refill charges from prior billing periods that were not billed.


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