How to make an internal window in Confirm visible if it has moved off screen

Product Feature: Application Infrastructure
Go to the 'Window' option on the Confirm toolbar and then click 'Minimise All' this will minimise the screens and you will be able to then maximise just the window required.

Alternatively select the 'Tile Vertical' or 'Tile Horizontal' options and this will re-dock the window to where you can access the controls. 

There may also be a scenario where the frame bar dispappears altogether.  In the case copy and paste a folder ie 'Job' into the users area and the job icon should then appear at the top of the screen on the frame bar.  You can copy and paste any form so it appears here.

In some cases the user_setting table may get full - in this case please raise a case with Tech Support and they will be able to supply some UPDATE SQL to unlock this table.
UPDATED:  March 29, 2018