How to find out if new Certificates are required while configuring Mail360 Data Manager in new Windows 2012 Server

Product Feature: Installing Certificates

Operating System: Windows 8 w/64-bit going to Windows 2012
Mail360 Data Manager site is migrating to Windows Server 2012  from Windows Server 2008 and is configuring Mail360 Data Manager 2.5 in the new Windows Server.
The 2008 server has the initial Mail360 Data Manager SSL Certificates provided by Pitney Bowes.
Can these same certificates be used on the new Windows 2012 server or will Pitney Bowes provide a new set of Certificates?

For certificates other than SSL [which is machine-specific], there is no impact and the old certificates can be used.
For SSL certificates [that have the same name as that of the machine], it will depend on the change that the site is about to do: 
1). If the site is doing upgrading of the same PC from Windows Server 2008 to 2012 , then the same certificate can be used.
2). If the site is doing migrating from a Windows Server 2008 PC to a different PC that has Windows Server 2012, then a new certificate is required.
In both of the above scenarios it will be necessary to bind the SSL certificate with all 4 Mail360 Data Manager ports .

UPDATED:  November 20, 2017