Controlling the Origin line of a container or pallet tag using MailStream Plus

Product Affected:  MailStream Plus™
Product Feature: Container tags Origin line


How does MailStream Plus control the Origin line of a container tag or pallet tag?

MailStream Plus has the xx INF parameters (RP INF, EP INF, BATINF) with the subkeyword ‘FROM’ that is an option to use. Here is the description from the MailStream Plus 8.2.1 Reference guide on page 305:

Subkeyword Length   Field Code      Description
FROM                 30         CSM-1156       “From Line” information.
The hierarchy of the From/Origin line information is:

  • 1) Use the XX INF teh subkeyword 'FROM' if one is present.
  • 2) Use the value from the XXX PT parameter, if applicable.
  • 3) Use the City/State file (Long city name/state).

What does this mean?

  • If the job does not have an xx INF with the subkeyword 'FROM' for the ENT PT, 1) is not used.


  • Then for 2) if your value is blank in the ENT PT parameter, position 28 – 57, then this value is not used.

Note - If you want to control the value of the Origin line of your containers using the ENT PT, then you can type in a value in position 28 – 57 of the ENT PT parameter and MSP will use that value instead.

  • The value falls to  3) Use the City/State file (Long city name/state).  This goes back to the zip code in position 22-26 for this ENT PT. 

If you are using the ADC PT, NDC PT or SCF PT and you have an N or blank in position 8 to generate entry points for selected ADC's, NDC's or SCF’s, then MailStream Plus finds the first valid zip code for the ADC, NDC or SCF zip range and uses it.
For example : 
SCF PT NN  070                                             Y
MailStream Plus generates this ENT PT –
ENT PT     S070      07001                               NNYNY SYY 2
When you look up the city/state name for 07001, it is Avenel NJ and that is the value that will be used for the Origin line on the container tag. 

But if the job had the Y in position 8 of the SCF PT to generate all SCF entry points, MailStream Plus would have generated the ENT PT for your job and given this Origin information:
ENT PT     S070      07001 SCF DV DANIELS          NJ 070NNYNY SYY 2
Then the value SCF DV DANIELS NJ 070 is used on the Origin line on the container tag.


UPDATED:  May 23, 2019