How to use the Save Named Selection icon on a Data Source Report in Confirm

Product Feature: Ad-hoc Reporting

Operating System: `Windows 7

Database: SQL Server, Oracle
Conditions when Save Named Selection icon is enabled on Data Source Report.

When we preview the Data source to check the Data in the Report then we can see various buttons on the top of the report. There is one button which is "Save Named Selection" (Marked). 

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If we check the Help file of Confirm to check the functionality of "Save Named Selection" Button then we can see that.

"The Data Query Preview screen will show a Named Selection button for a Data Source that has a link (via the 'Linked Table' tab) to the Feature Table. Click on the Named Selection button to save the currently displayed data as a Named Selection."

This means that, while creating a Data Source, we need to make sure that we include Feature table in Linked Table list in the Data Source. This can be achieved by Joining any table with Feature table.

Once you will save the SQL of the Data Source, verify the Linked Table tab and see that Feature table is there in the list. If it is there then preview the Data Source and you will see that "Save Named Selection" button is enabled.

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UPDATED:  August 7, 2017