Assigning new Wards to Sites and Features based on site code in Confirm

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How to assign new Wards to Sites and Features according to the first three characters of their site code.

There is no direct Batch Utility available in Confirm where we can achieve this but there is a indirect way to achieve this.

Please find the process below to see how we can assign new wards to the Sites and Features based on specific conditions:

There is a batch update process that can assist us to achieve this. The ‘Allocate Feature Additional Data’ tool can be used to update Wards against Features – we can also tick the box to update the Sites associated with the Features too.

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To achieve this, use Data Source to create "Named Selections" containing the Features that needs to be allocated a particular Ward.

An example Data Source is:

e.g. SELECT site_code, plot_number FROM Feature WHERE site_code LIKE ‘002%’

The resulting output (list of Features) can be saved as a Named Selection. The ‘Allocate Feature Additional Data’ tool can then be used to return the Features on the Named Selection and assign the correct Ward

The above process can be repeated until all Features/Sites required have been updated.

If you wanted to update the Ward on the features you would use Import Anything, if this is not available you could use:
1. Create Route (Use name and code appropriate for first alphabetically)
2. Use Route Batch to add all the Sites with Ward set to first Ward alphabetically
3. Use Feature Additional update to update Ward passing in Route created in previous step (optionally restrict by Feature Type / Group).
4. Repeat steps 1,2 and 3 until all Wards done in alphabetical order.
UPDATED:  April 5, 2019