Applying Date filtering to a map layer in Confirm

Product Feature: ConfirmConnect - Installation/Upgrade
The map layer has to be set up as per the Help file Map Layer Specification below:

Map Layer Specification:

Street Works Referential Integrity Map Layer

The Referential Integrity Agent will update the following columns depending on the Confirm entity being processed.

Referential Integrity will not automatically create the map layer unless stated in the section below.

The layer must contain these primary columns:

  • Work_Number (Numeric)
The layer may also contain the following optional columns. These attributes of the map layer record will be updated if present.
  • Organisation (String)
  • Description (String)
  • Start_Date (Date/Time)
  • End_Date (Date/Time)
  • Organisation_Code (String)
  • Works_Reference (String) 

You must then Apply date filtering to the start and end dates on the registered layer for notices, as below:

Date Filtering:

The Map Workspace Manager, Map and NSG Manager windows now apply date filtering to the layers displayed within them. Only layers that have date filtering details defined against them will be filtered. Layers that have date filtering turned on will only display data that is live for the date that the window is opened on. Any data whose start date is after the date the window is opened on is not displayed. Any data whose end date is before or equal to the date the window is opened on is not displayed.

UPDATED:  May 21, 2019