How to input the date on USPS forms in MailStream Plus

On the USPS forms generated by MailStream Plus, you can use RP INF, EP INF, or BATINF with the subkeyword RPDATE to specify the date on the Manifest Report and USPS Qualification report.
The date will be used for, for example:

- The 'Date of Manifest' on a Manifest Report.
- The 'Date:' on the USPS Qualification report.

Using the RPDATE on an RP INF would look like this:
RP INF                     RPDATE 02/28/2015

The date is input starting in position 35, and should be entered in one of these formats: YYYYMMDD, MM/DD/YYYY, or MM/DD/YY.

If this information is blank, or contains *SYSDATE, the system date is used.
For the - The 'Mailer's Mailing Date' on the Postage Statements, starting with MailStream Plus 8.3.3 the date is now placed on the statements by using the M3DATE subkeyword.
Using the M3DATE on an RP INF would look like this:
RP INF                     M3DATE 01/28/2017

All MailStream Plus (MSP) parameters and their usage are discussed in the Reference Guide. 
UPDATED:  August 7, 2017