MailStream Plus job gives this error in PostalOne!: pdr-1108 is blank or it has an 14 digit alpha numeric

Drop ship mailings to NDC, SCF, and ADC entry points are getting this error when ingesting the Mail.dat files into PostalOne!:
“pdr-1108 is blank or it has an 14 digit alpha numeric”

The Mail.dat Field Code pdr-1108  needs to be populated with a 5, 9 or 11 digit value. This is the Piece Barcode field. 

First, make sure the incoming records have valid ZIP Codes and ZIP+4 Codes by viewing the job.rpt (dd for msrprpt, or PRNTRPT on the IBMi platform) :
Records With Valid ZIP Code    77314
ZIP+4 Coded Records            77312
Non-ZIP+4 Records                  2

Above shows the incoming file has 77314 records with valid ZIP Codes and 77312 records with valid ZIP+4 and Delivery Point Codes.

When the job has 1 entry point (ENT PT), the error does not happen.
But once the SCF PT, and/or NDC PT, and/or ADC PT are added, this error happens in PostalOne!.

ZIP IN 218 C 223 C         Y 228 C
The ZIP Code value is in position 8-10 of the ZIP IN parameter. It has the location:  218

The ZIP+4 value is in position 14-16 of the ZIP IN parameter.  It has the location:  223
This is where MailStream Plus locates the ZIP Code and ZIP+4 values for each record in MailStream Plus.
The E CODE is used to define the location and length of the characters that make up the entry point.
E CODE 6 218 C 6

In this job, the E CODE parameter is pointing to position 218 for 6 bytes. 
When a job is just using the ENT PT parameter with 1 entry point, it is reading the value in the E CODE.
But when the SCF PT, NDC PT, or ADC PT parameter is used, then the E CODE location is where MailStream Plus will *write* the 6-byte entry point code that is being generated by these parameters. 
In this case, the E CODE is overwriting the zip code value in position 218 for 5 bytes and it is overwriting position 223, the first byte of the zip+4.  These values are used to make up the values in the Mail.dat Field Code pdr-1108. 

The E CODE will have to be written out to a new location to post the 6 byte entry point code value so it will no longer post over the values being read in by the ZIP IN parameter.
This will resolve the “pdr-1108 is blank or it has an 14 digit alpha numeric” error.
The MailStream Plus Reference Guide has a layout of all parameters.
UPDATED:  April 21, 2017