How to promote campaigns between environments inPortrait Dialogue and Portrait HQ

There is no all-inclusive promote to production tool for Portrait Dialogue (PD) and Portrait HQ.
What you can do is : 
  1. PD Export/Import (Between complementary environments) See the section titled 'Setting up a Complementary Environment' in the PD Reference Guide 
  2. To get the Campaigns in the HQ
    1. If you have an Interaction Optimizer (IO) installation you can use the IO PromoteToProduction job to move the Campaigns into the production environment. WARNING: PromoteToProduction will overwrite EVERYTHING in the Production PSR database with EVERYTHING in the Pre-Prod PSR database.
    2. If you only have PD, then the Campaigns will have to be created manually in the HQ.
An elegant solution does not exist.  Engaging with Services may be the best solution, so the solution can be tailored to a customer's specific environment.  
UPDATED:  April 21, 2017