How to populate the MPA-1121 field with the Customer MID and the CPT-1148 with a vendor MID in a MailStream Plus job

Product Feature: Populating field Codes in Maildat files

Operating System: Any
In a MailStream Plus job, the following explanation shows how to populate the Mail.dat Field Codes MPA-1121 and CPT-1148.

If there is a PA INF with the subkeyword MDMIMO in the job, it will be used to populate the Mail.dat Field Code MPA-1121 and also Field Code CPT-1148.

There is another option, to populate
MPA-1121 with a different value than CPT-1148.  That is to use RP INF with the subkeyword MDMFDO for MPA-1121, and PA INF with the subkeyword IMBMLR for CPT-1148.

Note: To p
opulate CPT-1148 using PA INF with subkeyword IMBMLR there must not be a PA INF MDMIMO, and REPORT MAILDAT position 58 must not be N.

An example of the parameters used for separate values–
*PA INF L                   MDMIMO 901234567  - remarked out this one
RP INF                     MDMFDO 654321      - added this for MPA-1121 
instead of MDMIMO

PA INF L                   IMBMLR 123456   
RP INF                     IMBMLR 123456 
REPORT MAILDAT                     N  YB    MW           Y    - Y or blank in position 58
Now you will see the 2 different values:
MPA-1121 is now populated with 654321
CPT-1148 is now populated with 123456

Explanations of all MailStream Plus(MSP) parameters can be found in the latest MailStream Plus Reference Guide.
UPDATED:  July 26, 2017