How the Confirm Street Works New Phase functions

Product Feature: Street Works

For the new phase works, site status is displayed as it was in last notice. So if a New phase is created after Cancellation then Site Status is “Site Abandoned”. Similarly if New Phase is created after Work Stop then site status is “Site Closed”. 

And basically it does not sound right that on new phase we should change site status to “Proposed Works”. Because there could be scenario that on new phase promoter just wants to do Interim Reinstatement for a single site so for rest of the sites, status should remain unchanged. 
For example there are 3 sites having following status 
Site 1 – Site Closed 
Site 2 – Interim Reinstatement 
Site 3 – Permanent Reinstatement 

Now if the user wants to do a New Phase just for Site 2 then status for Site 1 and 3 should be unchanged. 

Users can look into Street Works Notice List rather than Street Works Report, if users want to see List of all the notices created for any works. Just select Notice Version as “All Version” on the filter screen. This report shows Work Status Instead of Site Status
UPDATED:  April 18, 2017