Checking for Scheduled Task Agent problems in Confirm

Products Affected: Confirm®

This article explains how you can check for problems with Scheduled Task Agents, such as the Contractor Access XML Agent, in Confirm® by looking at the log files. For example the Contractor Access XML Agent may not appear to be processing jobs.
  1. In Confirm client open the Scheduled Tasks screen (Main > System Administration > Scheduled Tasks)  and check to see if the particular Agent is running.  If it is not click Run.

  2. Check whether the xml files are being generated.  The location for these is set on the relevant Transformations screen, for example for the Contractor Access XML Agent the location of the export files are on the Contractor Export Transformations screen that opens from the Export button on tthe Contractor lookup.
    1. Check for error messages in the Task Processor log files.  The location of the Task Processor log files is set within the Confirm client (Main > System Administration > System Configuration > Task Processor Settings).
    2. If you need further assistance please raise a new case with the Confirm Technical Support team.

    UPDATED:  June 13, 2018