Confirm - Deletion of streetworks Inspection Batch

Product Feature: Ad-hoc Reporting

The pending Inspections can not be deleted manually which are showing in Annual Program list. 

There are two ways to delete them so that they could be automatically deleted from the list either when it could be created as an actual inspection against a programmed inspection or the check box is selected “Delete when expired” on programmed inspection wizard. 

There is no harm if the Annual Programme list is showing a high number of Pending Inspections. It is basically as designed on the annual basis and generated by ‘Annual Program Batch’ utility, where the count of inspections on year(s) basis can be assumed. It can be created manually too.

If there is a huge count show in the annual sample then it is not necessary to complete the figure. It is just an assumption value. Need to complete the figure for only pending one.

UPDATED:  March 23, 2017