Are temporary licenses necessary for disaster/recovery for CODE-1 Plus, Finalist and Mailstream Plus

Products affected:  CODE 1 Plus, Finalist, MailStream Plus™

The software application being used determines if a Temporary License is required for Disaster/Recovery.

The Coding applications [CODE-1 Plus and Finalist] require a temporary license because those applications have licenses based on the CPU id/serial number.

Plus™  does not require a Temporary license because the software license isn't based on the specific machine and is only based on the Operating System.  Therefore, the MailStream Plus (MSP) license for z/OS will work on any z/OS machine, and a MailStream Plus license for Windows will work on any Windows machine, etc.

Since the same MSP license will work on any machine with the same Operating System, the same license used in production can be used on the Disaster Recovery machine as well.

To obtain a new Permanent License Key for MailStream Plus, contact the Fulfillment team at  If your MailStream Plus installation also has options such as Palletization Plus or Manifest Reporting Plus,  separate licenses are required for these features.  
UPDATED:  July 9, 2019