How are numeric fields on parameters formatted in MailStream Plus

For numeric fields that represent a decimal value, input them right-justified.  If a decimal point is needed it can be placed anywhere within the field.
For example, when using a 5-byte input field, specifying the value as 001.1, or 1.100, or   1.1 (i.e. blank blank 1.1) would all be read as the same value.
Likewise 5.000, 005.0, or just blank-blank-blank-blank-5 (    5) would be acceptable and be the same value.

For fields describing the dimensions of a mailpiece, bundle, or container (weight, volume, and thickness), percentage, or record count, you may enter a six-digit number by extending the five-position field one position to the left.  
For example, the MailStream Plus (MSP) Reference Guide says that P ATTR position 30-34 is for the thickness of 100 pieces of mail. You can extend that to the left and use positions 29-34 if needed.
UPDATED:  April 21, 2017