Resolve Why MailStream Plus job not getting more Saturation Walk Sequence discounts

After MailStream Plus (MSP) presorted a walk sequence job, a job was not getting as many Saturation pieces as expected.
The input file was sorted before the MailStream Plus step in the correct walk sequence order.

Does the job have more than 1 P ATTR parameter?   Yes
On position 46 of the ZIP IN parameter, there is the option to place an X to have MailStream Plus sort the file into the correct order:

X Enables processing when the input name/address file is not pre-ordered by Batch, Entry-Point, ZIP, Carrier, and Walk Sequence/Line-of-Travel, or if the job contains multiple P ATTR definitions. Enabling this function will require additional Presort Statistics and Detail Statistics Records, as well as an increase the processing time.
NOTE: An X is required only when doing a Line of Travel or Walk Sequence mailing, and one or more of the following conditions are true:
• You have not sorted your list into LOT or WS order prior to running MailStream Plus.
• You have more than one piece ID in your job. (ie P ATTR parameters) 
• You are performing Firm Bundling.
• You are posting the LOT information into the Optional Endorsement line with POSTLB in the “Location of the Input Extracted ZIP Code” field.

The above information is located on the ZIP IN parameter description in the MailStream Plus Reference Guide

Because this job has more than 1 P ATTR, the suggestion is to add an X to position 46 of the ZIP IN parameter to have MailStream Plus sort the file to keep the Walk Sequence order when there are more than 1 P ATTR parameters present.


UPDATED:  April 20, 2017