How to set up recurring and automatic debit payments online

UPDATED : March 17, 2017

Make sure your payments are made on time by setting up recurring payments using your account.

To set up or edit your automatic, recurring payments, select the button and sign in:

For steps to set up, edit or delete recurring payments for your lease or rental payments, choose a link to learn more:
Set up a recurring payment:
  1. Sign In to your account online.
    TIP: You will need to create a profile before you can pay bills online.
  2. On the main page select the button: View & Pay Bills
  3. On the Account Overview screen, select the PAYMENTS tab, then select Recurring Payments
  4. Select the button: Add Recurring Payment.
add recurring payment
  1. Enter the required information:
    • Account number
    • Pay amount
    • Pay using: Choose an existing account. Note: If you do not have a saved payment method, easily add a credit card or bank account:
      • Select the radio button for either: New credit card -or- New bank account
      • Enter the required details, then select Save.
    • Pay on the: Specify at least three days before the due date to avoid late payment fees
    • Effective until: Determine how long to have recurring payments effective; select an end date
Note: Make sure you select Lease or Non-Lease under 'view all accounts'. Selecting Both may cause the payment to fail.
  1. When finished, select Save Payment. Your recurring payment is now scheduled.

Edit or delete an automatic, recurring payment anytime.
    1. Sign In and select the button: View & Pay Bills.
    2. In the Account Overview section, select the PAYMENTS tab, then select Recurring Payments.
    3. Use the blue pencil icon to edit recurring payment information. Select the blue X to remove a recurring payment.
    edit or delet a recurring payment
    1. When finished with your changes, select Save.

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