Determining the last IMb tray/sack or pallet number that was used for a Mailer ID in MailStream Plus

Products affected:  MailStream Plus™, all versions, all platforms
Product Feature: Intelligent Mail barcode for trays, sacks, and pallets
The IMBCNT (for trays/sacks) and/or the IMBPLT (for pallets) parameters are used to tell MailStream Plus™ (MSP) to assign the Intelligent Mail serial numbers to the trays/sacks and pallets.

When you use those parameters, MSP normally uses the MSETCI file (Customer Information file) to save he last serial number that was assigned for each MailerID.  And that way MSP knows to start with the next serial number the next time a mailing is ran for the same MailerID. 

The question was asked if it was possible to look in the MSETCI file manually, to find out what the last serial number used was for a tray/sack and/or pallet?
Answer- Yes.  The records in the MSETCI file are of two sorts, records that begin with BE are the tray/sack numbers, and records that begin with BP are pallet numbers.

So say your Mailer ID is 123456.  
Search for BE123456 and the number after that *contains* the last serial number used for a tray or sack for that MailerID:
BE123456      000000472

For Pallets, locate BP123456, and the number after that *contains* the last serial number used for a pallet for that MailerID:
BP123456      0000000000006

In a different presort, with a 9-byte Mailer ID (987654321), the lines would look similar like this-
BE987654321   000000231
BP987654321   0000000000003

Note: the MSETCI's serial number fields are 1-byte larger than needed maximum, and padded fully with leading 0's, regardless of the MailerID length.  So you have to be aware of how many bytes were actually used in the Intelligent Mail serial number.

For trays/sacks:
-if the MailerID is 6 bytes as above,  the serial number last used is the last 8 bytes, or 00000472.
-If the MailerID were 9 bytes, the last serial number used would have been 5 bytes, or 00231.

For pallets:
-if the MailerID is 6 bytes as above, the serial number is the last 12 bytes, or 000000000006.
-if the MailerID were 9 bytes, the Serial number is the last 9 bytes, or would have been 000000003.

There are options on the IMBCNT and IMBPLT parameters to allow you to run a job telling MSP what serial number to start with, and to tell MSP whether to update the MSETCI file with the latest serial numbers used. 

The program must have permissions to read/write to the MSETCI file, and the MSETCI.vix index file on Windows and UNIX/Linux.

For further information on using the IMBCNT and IMBPLT parameters, or any other parameters, please refer to the MailStream Plus Guide.
UPDATED:  May 16, 2019