Questions on the MailStream Plus REPORT MANIFEST missing sequence number on summary pages

ML TYP 1 L  - First Class Letter presort
RP INF                     MSSEQ# 00012345  - Assigning the sequence number using the sub key word MSSEQ#
REPORT MANIFEST              B - Batch Manifest - Requesting the Manifest report. 

In the USPS Publication 401 Guide to the Manifest Mailing System (Jan 2014 version) in section-
6-5 Batch Manifest Format
6-5.1 Header

on  page 31 (of the pdf) and page 25 (page # on page) states this :
f. Manifest sequence number.
item here -
3) Show this number on summaries, postage statement(s), PS Form(s) 8125 for plant-verified drop shipment (PVDS) mailings, and on PS Form 3877 when extra services are used for pieces reported on the manifest.

The local USPS said the Manifest report needs a sequence number on the summary pages of the Manifest report in addition to the other pages. 
The Sequence Number is being left blank in the Summary page information at the end of the Manifest report generated by MailStream Plus.
But it has the value 00012345 was on all of the previous pages of the report (using the example MSSEQ# value at the top of this article.)

The National USPS reviewed the Manifest Report and said the report from MailStream Plus is fine.
MailStream Plus users can skip printing the last 2 summary pages.  And make sure to include the USPS Statement that has the matching sequence numbers and present the reports together to the local USPS. Only include the USPS Statement by presort groups and not separated by batch, piece id or entry points.

                     - Pub 401 Jan includes the USPS Publication 401
UPDATED:  April 11, 2017