How to read the raw TaxWare Enterprise TWE data file for GeoTAX and Spectrum Enterprise Tax Module

UPDATED: June 30, 2017

The raw TaxWare Enterprise TWE database file is entitled TWESEQ.  Opening TWESEQ in a text editor shows a series of numeric characters.  

Below is an example of an entry in the TWESEQ file:
The first two characters indicate State FIPS code.  In the example above, 25 references the state of Massachusetts.

The next three characters indicate County FIPS code.  In the example above, 017 references the county of Middlesex.

The next nine character indicate a GNIS value.  In the example above, 000619463 references the a GNIS.

The characters beyond the first three sections refer to Special Purpose Tax Districts (SPD).  The above example does not have any SPD values.

The final set of characters refer to the GeoTAXKey.  In the example above, 15929 
is the GeoTAXKey value.

Environment Details

Systems affected: Spectrum™ Technology Platform, GeoTAX® Premium 


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