How to make the USPS Qualification Report come out with the Tray numbers in sequential order in MailStream Plus

By default, the USPS Qualification report does not come out in sequential tray number order.  For example, a portion of it might look like this:
Cont      Cont Cont  Cont   Grp/Bdl  O  ----------------RATES---------------  Running 
Number    Size Lvl   ZIP    Dest     F         5B       3B       AB       MB     Total
114       1-Ft 5DGS  04736  04730             102                                 4119
18        2-Ft 5DGS  06750  06702             254                                 4373
115       1-Ft 5DGS  06750  06702              82                                 4455
19        2-Ft 5DGS  08002  08002             254                                 4709
20        2-Ft 5DGS  08002  08002             254                                 4963
116       1-Ft 5DGS  08002  08002              43                                 5768
24        2-Ft 5DGS  11385  11385             149                                 5917

One reason is that the USPS defines the order they want the report to be in, based on Tray Level and ZIP Code, etc, and not the sizes of the trays, nor the order of the tray numbers.  
The USPS defines it in this order so they can use the report easier.

If a mailer wants the USPS Qualification report to come out in tray number order, you can put an 'M' in REPORT USPSQUAL parameter position 30.  (the M will over-ride the default order 'Q' which is the USPS-defined 'Q'ualification order.)
This would be done for the mailer's internal use only, it would not be acceptable to the USPS in the 'M' order.

This parameter and all other parameters are defined in the MailStream Plus Reference Guide.
UPDATED:  April 21, 2017