How to upgrade Spectrum on Windows

UPDATED: November 20, 2017

Important: Before upgrading, be sure to read the release notes for the new Spectrum version. The release notes contain important compatibility information as well as supported upgrade paths and data backup recommendations.
  1. Download the updated version of Spectrum™ Technology Platform using the download instructions contained in the release announcement email.
  2. Follow the information provided in the release notes for recommendations about backing up module-specific data. For example, for the Location Intelligence Module, you will want to back up your named resources, data, and configuration files.
  3. Stop the Spectrum™ Technology Platform server. To stop the server,
    1. Right-click the Spectrum™ Technology Platform icon in the Windows system tray
    2. Select Stop Server.
    3. Alternatively, you can use the Windows Services control panel and stop the Pitney Bowes Spectrum™ Technology Platform service.
  4. If you have the Address Now Module installed, shut down the Address Now server: 
    1. Go to the Windows services control panel and stop the Address Now Server service.
  5. If you have the Global Sentry Module installed, shut down the Global Sentry database server:
    1. Go to the Windows services control panel and stop the Global Sentry Database Server service.
  6. The files in the folder <Spectrum install>\server will be deleted. Before upgrading, review the files and folders in this location and back up any files you have modified.

    You may have modified files in this folder in the following situations:

    • You have the Siebel or SAP modules installed. Be sure to back up existing dataflows, especially any that are customized.
    • You are using LDAP for authentication. Be sure to back up this file and restore it after upgrading: server\app\conf\spring\security\
  7. If you want to change the location where Spectrum™ Technology Platform is installed, uninstall the existing Spectrum™ Technology Platform installation first.
  8. Run the Spectrum™ Technology Platform installer to upgrade your system.
  9. If you backed up any files under the <Spectrum install>\server folder, restore them to the upgraded server.
Note: Any job or subflow stored in the system during a server upgrade is marked as exposed to provide the same behavior for those jobs and subflows as before the upgrade. Any job or subflow that is exported prior to the upgrade will not be exposed. Therefore, when importing these jobs or subflows back into the system, you must manually expose the imported job or subflow.

Contact client support for additional assistance.

Environment Details

Operating System: Windows, Linux, UNIX
Product affected: Spectrum™ Technology Platform

Versions: 8 SP3, 9 SP3, 10 SP1, 11 SP1



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