How to match an address with an alphanumeric apartment and missing apartment designator in CODE-Plus (ex: 910 ST ANDREWS DR N-4)

Products Affected: CODE-1 Plus
In order for CODE-1 Plus to match to this sample address, you must precede the secondary data with a valid secondary designator (# as an example):
   Primary Addr: 910 ST ANDREWS DR # N-4    
       City, ST: MURFEESBORO, TN           
       ZIP Code: 37128      Urb Name:      
    USPS County: RUTHERFORD                
   Matched Addr: 910 SAINT ANDREWS DR APT N4
 City,State ZIP: MURFREESBORO TN  37128-6508
CODE-1 Plus does not always require the secondary designator, but it is always recommended that it be included on the input.  For a list of valid secondary designators, please see the USPS Publication 28 on the website or website.

UPDATED:  September 19, 2017