Is MailStream Plus able to do a 'Priority Mail' or 'Priority Mail - Drop Ship' Presort?

1) To indicate a Priority Mail mailing use a ML TYP parameter with a '1' in position 8 and a  'T' in position 12 (the T indicates Priority Mail.)  For position 10 use L, F, or P for the Mail Piece Type (Letter, Flat, or Parcel.)

You may also need to use P ATTR position 61 to indicate the 'Rate Type Footnote', for example when mailing one of the sizes of 'flat-rate box' parcels

If the job is also a drop-ship:
2) On the ENT PT parameter (or NDC PT, SCF PT or ADC PT parameter(s)), use position 64 to indicate the type of USPS facility the mail is being entered at.  
xx INFs parameters with DRPKEY/PLTKEY subkeywords may also need to be used to populate the Mail.dat CSM Locale Key, Field Code CSM-1167.

UPDATED:  April 28, 2017