How to make multiple copies of a record in the presort within MailStream Plus

Normally, each record in the Name-Address input file represents one piece of mail.  And if you wanted to send two mail pieces to an address you would need to have two records. 

MailStream Plus (MSP) has a parameter called CPYCNT.  During the initial reading of the input Name-Address file, using CPYCNT will make MSP created duplicate copies of the record, until the total as indicated in each record is reached.

You tell CPYCNT what position to look at in the records, and for how long of a length.  So say you have CPYCNT set to look in position 011 for a length of 2 (positions 11 and 12).  The number CPYCNT finds there indicates the total number of that record you want altogether. 
If there is 20 there, MSP will make 19 copies of the record for a total of 20.
If there is 07, there will be 6 copies made for a total of 7.
If there is ' 5'  (space 5) that will make 4 copies for a total of 5.

The numbers have to be right-justified as shown above, either with leading blanks or leading spaces.  If you have a left-justified number, such as  '4 ' (4 followed by a space) that number is considered invalid and no additional copies of the record will be made  

You can also specify whether you want invalid ZIP Code and non-compliant NCOA records copied.

All of the MSP parameters are defined in the MSP Reference Guide.
UPDATED:  August 14, 2017