Running the RefreshSystemData after a Portrait Dialogue upgrade may unexpectedly delete certain Style Sheet Definitions and Body Area Items Definitions

Apart from refreshing data in tables after upgrading Portrait Dialogue the RefreshSystemData also removes (what it believes is) unused data in the following tables:


User-added image

If Style Sheet and Body Area Items definitions start with the prefix 'mh' they are considered to be owned by the system and might be changed or deleted when running the refresh. If they are created and named with that prefix and used in message templates they can still be classified as unused data by the system and removed.

When the Emarketing Designer was first released it was expected that Style Sheet and Body Area Items definitions would mainly be designed and maintained by Portrait Dialogue development and not added/edited by customers. 
Now that customers can make these changes, care about proper naming conventions is required.

This is documented in Visual Dialogue User Guide in Chapter 6: Messages.
UPDATED:  April 12, 2017