How to get the total number of CODE-1 Plus transactions for all batch jobs

The total number of transactions (records) will be recorded in your license report.  Please see the attached License Management Guide for report generation by platform.  Here is an example of the transaction count data from the licence report:

Total number of transactions for last run:             17
Total number of transactions since 2/13/2014     253,406    0.00% of Limit

This shows the number of transactions (records) that CODE-1 Plus processed in the last job that was submitted and the total number of transactions to date.  If you have an unlimited transaction license, the percentage will be 0.00%  If not, this field will show the percentage of transactions used to date. Licenses that have a transaction limit will roll-over on the maintenance renewal date and start at 0 each year.  

UPDATED:  April 21, 2017