How to address all triage questions when raising a new Confirm case

Products Affected: Confirm®, Confirm® OnDemand

When logging a new case the Confirm® Technical Support team will need as much information as possible. Provide full and comprehensive answers to as many of the Confirm triage questions as possible:
  1. When did the problem first occur?
  2. Does the problem happen for all users?
  3. Has anything changed since the problem started, for example has an upgrade been attempted or has some major work been performed?
  4. Can you replicate the problem each time you perform the task?
  5. Is there any pattern to when or how the issue occurs, for example does the issue occur at the same time, for the same user, or on the same computer?
  6. Can you provide screenshots of the process you are following and any errors encountered?
  7. Have you checked any relevant log files, specifically those that cover the time frame of the issue? If so attach them to the case.
  8. What version of Confirm are you running?
UPDATED:  July 4, 2018