Starting or restarting an agent on the Scheduled Tasks screen in Confirm

Products Affected: Confirm®, Confirm® OnDemand
Product Feature: Agent Performance, Agent Restart Request
Follow these steps to restart an agent on the Scheduled Tasks screen in Confirm®:
  1. On the Confirm Explorer go to System Administration > Scheduled Tasks. This displays the Agents/Scheduled tasks running on the system.
  2. Check the status of the Agent or Scheduled Task that you require, for example Import Anything Agent.
  3. Click on the Scheduled Task and then select the relevant action button.
    1. If the status is Suspended click Enable and then Run (if it is required to execute immediately).
    2. If the status is stuck at Pending, Failed or Queued then further investigation is required.

For a demonstration of these steps, please watch this video:

UPDATED:  March 1, 2019