How to enable auto-complete login for PI OfficeMail

OfficeMail (OFMA) has "Enable auto-complete login" configuration at Security option.
It use the MS Windows' auto-complete, along with password, where OFMA option allow user to enable/disable it for Admin Web Site (AWS) and User Web Site (UWS).

Please see attached screen capture of Security option.
The Security option also has following:
- Enable keep me signed in - remain logon to UWS, when user close and open the UWS page
- Enable password expiration - password will expire after defined days
- User passwords expire after (days)

Only the "Enable password expiration" and "user passwords expire after (days)" are applicable to the OFMA Printer Driver.
While Printer Driver always have the option to "Keep me signed in".
Environment Details
UPDATED:  March 24, 2017