Resolve Add free text on rejection reason when choosing rejection reason for document in OfficeMail

By default (fresh installed OfficeMail system), when authoriser choose to reject a document, only rejection reasons are available as free selection.
Authoriser not able to add-in additional comment to provide further clarification toward the rejection, which can be difficult for document sender understand what's wrong.
Able to add free text when rejecting a doc can be achieve with following steps:
- at OfficeMail Administrator Web Site:
    - click on "Configuration" tab
    - click on "Email" settings
    - at "Email configuration" tab, tick the "REJECTED JOB EMAIL" and click on "Edit"
    - then click the "Reset to default"
    - then click "Update"
    Please refer to attached "email configuration.JPG"
- this will add the "Additional comments" in the template
- customer will now able to add free text at "Additional comments" section when rejecting a doc
Please refer to attached "rejection email with free text.JPG"

Please aware that the "Additional comments" will be available to all rejection reasons. 
Feel free to contact us at if you have any query.
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UPDATED:  May 18, 2017