Greenbar mismatch on the record counts for Finalist and CODE-1 Plus databases

Products Affected:  CODE-1 Plus, Finalist
After a database load (US Postal, Finalist, DPV, Suitelink or LACSLink), it is important to compare the record counts in the log, spool file or listcat (depending on platform)  for each database loaded against the greenbar listing on our website.  We provide green bar listings for all of the databases each month. The green bar listing is provided with the CODE-1 Plus and Finalist database downloads as a PDF file.

If the count does not match, re-download the file and re-FTP the database (except Windows platform where an FTP is not performed) to make certain there were not any issues with the download or FTP the first time.  If there is still a mismatch, increase the space allocated for the file.  For instance, for z/OS, increase the cylinders for the file in the allocation JCL.
UPDATED:  July 18, 2019