Configuring Confirm to allow Cancelling Payments

Products affected: Confirm®
Product feature: Payment Processing

In Confirm® Cancelling Payments are intended to archive non-interim Jobs that were not completed, and to undo Inventory Updates that the Job was linked to.

The system recognises cancelling payments where:
  • The Job is at a Status that does not have the 'complete' flag set.
  • A cancelling status is set in the Contract Management System Settings.
  • There are no uncommitted Payment Requests or uncommitted Payments for the Job.
Cancelling Payments can be raised using the Batch Create Payments utility, with the 'Cancelling' check box checked. Provided that a cancelling status is set in the Contract Management System Settings, the batch utility will select all committed Jobs (within the filter criteria specified) which are at a Status that does not have the 'complete' flag set, and will create payment Jobs which will set the completed quantities and values to zero.

Uncommitted Payment Requests and uncommitted Payments cannot exist for any Jobs that need to be cancelled.

Where a cancelled Job is linked to Inventory Updates, that is that Inventory was updated through the Job form 'Other' button, the Inventory Updates will be undone where possible and the links will be deleted during committal of a cancelling payment.

Where undoing the Inventory updates would lead to anomalies, a warning will be issued on commit preview, and a warning report will detail the issues relating to each Inventory Update link. 

The Contractor Access XML Agent import functionality cannot be used to cancel Payments, as it will not cater for updating existing Payment Requests. An error would get generated if a Payment Request in the import file was already in Confirm.
UPDATED:  November 9, 2018