How To Find If Portrait Dialogue have a QR Code generator

There is not a QR Code generator included with Portrait Dialogue (PD).
However, there
 are 3 possible solutions for implementing QR Codes in PD Message Templates.

The first solution is to contact our Services organisation and ask them to purchase the custom QR Code plugin that they have created.

The next 2 come from the Pitney Bowes Software Forum 

Generating a static QR Code
Static codes are just one image or a QR Code pointing to one static page, like an anonymous PD Questionnaire.
In this case, you can use a QR generator on the net to generate the image, like this one.

Just build your URL for the PD Questionnaire and make sure this does not change.

Use the QR Link function to link in your PD Questionnaire link, and build your image.
You can then save your image and use it as you want.
Any QR Reader will point directly to your PD Questionnaire.

Generating a Dynamic QR Code
One way of doing this is to use Google's Infographics generator. You will find more detailed information about this here.

This is then used easily in an RTF Message Template in PD

UPDATED:  April 18, 2017