How to find MailStream Plus and other applications- Software, Updates, Databases, Installation instructions and other documentation available on the web site

Products affected:  MailStream Plus Merge/Purge Plus List COnversion Plus Generalized Selection Plus Mail360 Manager Code 1 Plus Mail360 Data Manager
To obtain MailStream Plus and other application's software, updates, databases, installation instructions and other documentation from the web site-

go to

Login using your User ID and Password.

If you need them, on the right-hand side there is a link "Do you need your User ID and password?"

If you do not have a User ID and Password for this site yet, you can:
-send an email to, or
-call Tech Support at 800-367-6950, or
-Open a case using our Online Case Management System, starting here-

Click 'My Products'

Select/click the software application you are interested in, such as 'MailStream Plus'.

Select the Operating System you are interested in, and click 'View Available Downloads' on the right side of that line.

Wait for the next page to load.  This may take a minute or two.

FYI- There are 4 tabs on this page:
-'Software' where you download software releases.
-'Updates' where you can download software Updates/Patches.
-'Databases' where you download the monthly Postal Reference Files (PRF).
-'Subcomponents' where you can select any options you have, and clicking 'View Available Downloads' for it will take you to a screen for downloads or for license files and/or access keys.  (The page may take a minute or two to load.)

To get documentation, be on the 'Software' tab.
The software releases are divided into sections for each version.  In the section for your version of the software, the lower-right option is 'Documents'.
-The icon that looks like one-sheet-of-paper with an arrow pointing down is to get just the installation instructions.
-The icon that looks like three-sheets-of-paper is a direct link to take you to *all* documents that apply to the software, including installation instructions.  There are generally documents for several versions of the software, so you want to make sure you click on the one(s) that apply to the version you are using.
UPDATED:  March 28, 2017