How to understand the use of the Inkjet file produced with the POSTIJ parameter in MailStream Plus

FYI- The POSTIJ parameter is used to produce the 'Inkjet' file.  This is a file that was added to MailStream Plus (MSP) when the Pitney Bowes 'Mailer's Choice' presorting software was discontinued.
It contains a record for each piece of mail in the mailing with information relating to how each piece was presorted.

The Inkjet data for each record can be written to a separate 400-byte or 600-byte file, or it can be written into each Name-Address output record (file DD MSNAON), either at the beginning of the record or whatever location is selected on the POSTIJ parameter.
(Essentially all required data that goes into the Inkjet file can be posted into the Name-Address output file's records  using MSP's POSTxx or other parameters.)

The Inkjet file/data does include packed decimal data, as well as data in numeric, alphanumeric, binary, and hexadecimal formats.

Information about the Inkjet format and layout, the POSTIJ parameter, and all other MSP parameters is contained the MSP Reference Guide.
UPDATED:  August 11, 2017