Is a new FINALIST software key or new CODE-1 Plus license required for a model number/MIPS change on z/OS platform?

Products Affected:  CODE-1 Plus, Finalist
Operating System: z/OS
If upgrading a mainframe machine Model number or increasing the number of MIPS, etc., a new Finalist software key/CODE-1 Plus license is NOT required.
The only time a new software key/license is required is when the CPU ID/serial number changes.  This is how to determine the CPU ID on z/OS:

Issue the operator command:
           D M=CPU
The response is similar to:

           IEE174I 15.33.37 DISPLAY M 648
           ID CPU                              SERIAL
           00 +                                  02E3E02096

The System ID for CODE-1 Plus and/or Finalist is the first six characters below the SERIAL field.  In the example above, the value is:


UPDATED:  July 5, 2019