Problems with the Portrait Suite PowerShell scripts when setting up Sharepoint integration

Product Feature: Installation
Product version: Portrait Interaction Optimizer version 5.6, or Portrait Dialogue version 6.1 (both use Portrait HQ version 2.1)
If you are experiencing problems when running the Portrait Suite PowerShell configuration scripts that create a new SharePoint site containing Portrait HQ task details, please ensure that you have checked the following:
  • An English version of SharePoint has been correctly pre-installed.
  • All servers in the Portrait farm are running English operating systems.
  • The correct permissions have been set up so that an administrative HQ user has full permissions on the SharePoint server site collection to contain the new site.
  • All Portrait HQ end-users that are created have also been set up with identical names as SharePoint users.
If you still encounter problems in this part of the configuration scripts, you can manually install (and activate) the supplied SharePoint package solution (PortraitSharedServerPortal.wsp) and then manually create the Portrait site from this template - calling it "Portrait". Set the security permissions on the site so that all your pre-defined Portrait HQ users (or a group containing them) have at least Contribute access permissions.

This article is only applicable to implementations of products within v6.1 of Portrait Suite.
UPDATED:  March 24, 2017